About Me

I am an Information Governance Architect with Veritas. I have been in the Information Technology field for 20 years now, with 18 of those in a consulting role. I am a published author having written or contributed content to nine different titles in the IT field.

I help IT executives run their business in a more efficient and streamlined manner by combining my professional experience with industry-leading Information Governance products from the Vertias portfolio. My customers view me as a trusted advisor and I meet with them regularly to discuss industry trends, future vision, product roadmaps, and how that relates to their business. When I’m not meeting with customers, I am taking feedback from my customers and working directly with product management to help make our solutions better.

My first job was as a Desktop Administrator for a healthcare organization. I quickly moved up the ranks to LAN Admin and started working with a new product at the time called Citrix WinFrame.

I was very intrigued by the technology and quickly found myself learning everything I could about it. I soon landed my first job in the consulting world and that is where I have been the majority of my career. During this time (1998 – 2002) I was also approached to write a certification book on Citrix MetaFrame. I jumped at the chance and began my foray into writing.

In the years that followed (2003 – 2008) I wrote a little more on Citrix and branched out into some Microsoft technologies. I was in constant learning mode and I couldn’t have been happier. I love learning about new technologies and helping businesses utilize technology to become more efficient.

I was then hired by a Microsoft partner to help build a Citrix practice. I worked with the sales team, consultants, and systems engineers to help develop a new practice around this new (to them) technology. I was also starting to play around with a new technology that was in its infancy called server virtualization.

We were very successful, so I was tasked with doing the same thing with other new technologies and offerings. For the good of the company I stepped away from the virtualization area and changed focus to start working in the messaging, collaboration, and compliance area. Again I found myself helping build a solution offering from a technical standpoint, but I also stepped away from virtualization right as it was gaining momentum and was on the upswing.

In my last role I worked with a private and hybrid cloud software suite of products that provided a dynamic workspace and some data center automation tools.

As an Enterprise Cloud Architect I was responsible for technical presales of our software suite, providing product presentations and demos as well as workshops with clients to discuss both technical and business benefits of using a private or hybrid cloud solution. As a Technical Account Manager I was responsible for technical and sales training for our channel partners.

I now work at Veritas as an Information Governance Architect. Veritas provides Information Management solutions to nearly 85% of fortune 500 companies.

I can be reached via email at jprice@zygort.com

Twitter – @JohnAPrice29

LinkedIn – John A Price