November – Let’s Get Things Started

For vDM30in30 this year, I had planned on writing a quality blog to get things kicked off in a nice fashion. Unfortunately, travel delays and work commitments took up most of my time over the last few days. Then I remembered that Eric Wright (@discoposse) said one of the posts could be about vDM30in30 itself. […]

First Tech Job: Years 0-4

A very good Twitter friend posted today about his first four years in IT. I met Rob Nelson at the Indy VMUG in 2014 and we’ve been communicating back and forth since. If you haven’t checked out his blog, you MUST! It’s a wealth of information that is 75% over my head, but I enjoy […]

Train in Vain

My idea for today’s post is about trying to decide between investing training in new skills and expanding on the skills you already have. I am going through this right now. I have a long history with Microsoft products and only recently started working with VMware. I do have to admit how much I love […]